Injured in a Construction Site Accident? Your Right to Compensation Starts Here

Over the past 25 years, there have been almost 3,000 construction site deaths and countless serious injuries. If you have lost a loved one in a construction site accident, or have yourself suffered an injury whilst working on site, speak to Bell Lax. Our lawyers have extensive experience in construction industry claims and can provide the at-your-side guidance you need to reach a settlement with those responsible that will adequately compensate you.

Construction Sites: Employers’ Obligations

Construction sites are fraught with hazards such as collapsing trenches, falls from height, being hit by vehicles on site and tripping on materials left lying around on untidy and poorly managed sites. Workers can be exposed to harmful substances such as asbestos, carbon monoxide and skin or respiratory irritants. Other hazards include vibrating equipment and excessive noise causing hearing loss. If you work on a construction site there is a high risk of sustaining an injury or illness and for this reason, those responsible for the site are under strict legal duties to ensure workers do not face unnecessary danger.

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for monitoring a whole host of legislation designed to protect construction site workers from being injured by falls, faulty machinery, falling objects, reversing vehicles, hazardous substances, trips, slips or electrocution. Despite this, unfortunately dangerous practices are still common on many construction sites. Accidents are in most cases preventable and all too often are the fault of employers or contractors who fail to minimise risks, which means victims have a right to be compensated.

Making a Construction Injury Claim

It’s simple and fast to make a construction site accident claim with Bell Lax and you won’t have to worry about a thing because our specialist lawyers are committed to making sure the process is as smooth as possible.  We will collect evidence in support of your claim and ensure your case is backed up with medical evidence from a medical specialist.

If you need treatment we might be able to help with those arrangements as part of your claim. We are intent on achieving the highest possible compensation award and we’ll fight for you every step of the way to make sure you receive just that.

Call Today for an Immediate Decision on Your Case

Have you suffered a construction site injury? Put your case in the safe and expert hands of the specialist lawyers at Bell Lax and you’ll know from the outset that you made the right choice. Your first call to us will be dealt with by a qualified lawyer which means you’ll be informed there and then whether you have a valid claim. And if you do, we’ll start proceedings straight away. Call us today for friendly, specialist advice on your construction site accident.


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