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Divorce – “The New Way” – No Fault

The law on divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships changed on 6 April 2022 to simplify the process and remove the need to assign blame for the breakdown of the relationship. This allows separating couples to proceed as amicably as possible, hence lawyers are now talking about “No Fault Divorce”.

Clients often say to us “we don’t hate each other, but we don’t want to be married anymore, neither of us have behaved badly, why does one of us have to take the blame?”

The new law means that one party (or both if you are jointly completing the new D8 form) can simply sign a statement of truth that the marriage or civil partnership has irretrievably broken down.  Issues such as adultery, unreasonable behaviour and desertion are no longer relied on.

The new regime also limits the ability of one party to challenge a divorce – this is particularly important to protect victims of domestic violence.

We offer a fixed fee for the complete process of £650 plus VAT, and the Court fee of £593.  We will ensure the Court forms are completed and submitted correctly on your behalf.

Seeking early advice removes some of the emotion and enables you to assess matters in an informed and focused way, to ensure legal issues are resolved as quickly as possible, minimising the anxiety the legal process can cause.

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