• Bell Lax pioneered no win no fee arrangements for commercial disputes. If you lose, we lose, therefore we always fight for you.

  • Bell Lax pioneered no win no fee arrangements for commercial disputes. If you lose, we lose, therefore we always fight for you.


Insurance Disputes

When you need to make a claim under an insurance policy, often in the aftermath of a traumatic event or in otherwise unfortunate circumstances, your difficulties may be compounded by your insurance company refusing to cover your losses or unnecessarily delaying in dealing with your claim. In the most serious situations, the survival of your business and your personal solvency wellbeing may depend upon recovering your losses from your insurers.
We have considerable experience acting for policy holders, both individual and commercial, in claims against their insurers. We have no business arrangements with any insurance companies, and therefore we are able to act for our clients against all the major insurance companies. We have acted for clients in respect of substantial claims over business interruption, fire, flood and even sinking ships!  We advise clients whose claims have been declined by their insurers due to alleged:
  • non-disclosure;
  • misrepresentation;
  • lack of documentation
  • breach of warranty or conditions 
  • fraud.
We also assist our clients to challenge insurers relying on policy interpretation or exclusion clauses to avoid indemnifying their policy holders.

Insurers are required to act in accordance with the Insurance Conduct of Business Sourcebook (ICOBS), which imposes additional obligations on insurers dealing with consumers. If you believe your insurer is failing to handle your claim promptly and fairly, or perhaps is delaying paying out under your policy after they have agreed to do so, we can advise you on the most cost effective and efficient means to resolve the impasse.

Before contemplating court proceedings, there are various channels which you should explore in pursuit of a satisfactory outcome to a dispute with your insurer. We often find that our clients can achieve the results they seek  without incurring the costs of issuing a claim.

Whether through policy appeals, complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service or alternative dispute resolution, we can direct and assist you through the most appropriate channel to resolve your dispute.
Richard Kerry and his team have substantial experience in dealing with disputes with Insurance Companies.  Call us today on 0121 3550011 to resolve your legal dispute.
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