• We offer, no win no fee funding for all types of accident claim. This means that we will not advise you to pursue or defend a claim unless we are sure it is the best thing to do.

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Workplace Accidents & Injury Compensation

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers - Our Promise.

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We fund your claim to successful conclusion including any court fees

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With nothing to lose, call 0121 3550011 for a free no obligation discussion regarding your claim for compensation.  

We have assisted our client who have suffered terrible injuries due to poor working environments including:

  1. Falls from height - roofs, scaffolding/poor construction
  2. Injuries from moving vehicles or machinery
  3. Injuries sustained my moving/flying objects
  4. Injuries sustained by being trapped under an object
  5. Building or machinery collapsing
  6. Slipping or Tripping on hazards
  7. Manual Handling or lifting heavy objects
  8. Burn Injuries
  9. Electrocution Injuries
  10. Loss of limb, fingers or toes 
  11. Acts of violence

According to RIDDOR (Reporting of injuries and dangerous occurrences regulator), in 2017/2018 there were a total approximate figure of 555,000 work related accident and injuries reported.  These accidents are reported as either Fatal or Non Fatal accidents.  Over a 5 year period the data collected showed that 26% of the reported incidents are people who were killed falling from height, and 31% of the accidents reported were non fatal, however, serious injuries are ongoing with these individuals.

We have assisted on hundreds of accident at work related claims, including all of the accidents listed above.  Some examples include:

We have helped claim £72500 in compensation for a client who suffered a traumatic amputation of part of their thumb due to unsafe work conditions. 

We also helped claim £57000 in compensation for a client who was struck by an unsafe cable, which was too heavy to manoeuvre

Even if think your work injury was minor, you’ve probably still suffered pain and discomfort, and could have been forced to take time off work. You might be out of pocket and your family and friends might have had to spend time helping you. Other aspects of your life may also have been affected too, such as your leisure interests or hobbies.

If the accident wasn't’your fault, then you have a right to compensation which will help you get back on your feet. On a no-win, no-fee basis, you can claim for any loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses suffered by you and your family. So talk to the friendly workplace accident lawyers at Bell Lax today, and we’ll let you know whether your accident qualifies for compensation.

There are many types of injuries which occur in the work place depending on the type of industry you work in. From tripping over pallets and wires, to slipping on wet floors, from horrendous falls from heights (scaffolding etc), manual handling injuries causing bad backs, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, bad knees, vibration white figure and many more. From office workers, to shelf stackers to factory workers - everyone is entitled to a safe working environment. The headings to the right break the types of injuries down in more detail.

Making a Claim helps ensure the same Accident Doesn't Happen Again

Your employer has a duty to ensure your health and safety at work. Unfortunately, many employers don’t take proper precautions until someone brings an accident claim. By highlighting poor practices, you can help ensure the same thing doesn't happen to someone else.

You will not be penalised for bringing a claim for your work injuries, all employers have insurance to cover these types of claims. Unfortunately you are not the first employee injured at work, and employers will not hold any claim you bring against the company personally. Please do give us a call if this is something you are concerned about.

It’s important to engage the right level of legal assistance when pursuing an accident at work claim. Here at Bell Lax, we have a superb team of fully qualified lawyers who are highly experienced in pursuing employers who have failed in their duties to provide a safe work place. We have a 1st class track record in successfully recovering damages for our injured clients throughout the UK.

Your Claim: Every Step in our Hands

We will put you first and will give you top class advice throughout. From your first call, you’ll speak directly to a qualified accident claims lawyer. We will assess whether you have a case and if you do, we’ll start work straight away. We will arrange your medical examination and take care of everything. In many cases we can even arrange medical treatment for you too if you find it helpful.

Even if your employer does not admit they were at fault for your accident, you should still talk to us. Sometimes it is possible to achieve an out of court settlement without an admission of liability.

So, if you have suffered an accident at work, get in touch with Bell Lax. With no upfront fees or expenses for you to pay, under no win no fee, you will have no worries.

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