Claiming Compensation for a Back Injury at Work

Work related back injuries are common. Whether they are caused by an isolated incident, or a build up over time because a job involves repeated actions, a compensation claim can be made if those responsible for health and safety in the workplace are found to be responsible. If you are suffering work related back pain, Bell Lax can help you make that claim.

Some 7,000 injuries a year are down to poor practice in the moving and handling of either people or manual loads according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and most of these are back strain injuries.

Employers’ Obligations

Workplace managers have a responsibility to ensure employees are trained in safe moving and handling methods and, under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, they are required to consider whether tasks could be handled or assisted by mechanical means and must make sure staff are not subjected to undue risk when lifting items.

Not all back injuries at work are due to lifting or carrying. Slip or trip accidents, falls from height or being struck by falling objects can all lead to injured backs. Employers must take proper precautions to protect you from risks that could lead to a back injury. If they fail to do so then you might be entitled to compensation.

Some back injuries can lead to very serious consequences, such as spinal damage or paralysis. In these cases, the dedicated legal experts at Bell Lax will fight hard for a substantial settlement that takes into account lifetime care and treatment needs and loss of earnings, which are usually paid through index-linked annual instalments on top of a lump sum.

Making a Workplace Back Injury Claim

If you have suffered soft tissue damage, a prolapsed disc, tendon or ligament damage or a muscle strain or tear, you could well be facing a prolonged period of pain or loss of mobility which prevents you from working or pursuing the activities you enjoy. And if your employer is at fault, you will be entitled to back injury compensation.

Even if you have previously endured problems with your back, you could still be able to make a claim. If for example a workplace accident or working method has aggravated an existing complaint, or has accelerated symptoms that would otherwise have laid dormant for years to come, you could be entitled to claim for back injury compensation.

Call Today for an Immediate Decision on Your Case

At Bell Lax, our qualified, highly experienced accident claims lawyers have proven expertise in achieving successful settlements in all types of work accident cases, including back injury claims. You can find out whether you have a valid claim by giving us a call. We’ll be able to let you know there and then whether we can take on your case and we’ll get started straight away. Rest assured, in everything we do, you come first and we’ll make sure you receive friendly guidance all the way.


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