Defective Work Equipment Claims: Your Right to Compensation

Injuries caused by faulty or defective work equipment or machinery can often be serious, and in some cases, fatal.

Your employer has a duty to make sure the equipment you use to do your job does not put you at risk. If you were injured at work because of faulty equipment you can bring a compensation claim. Whatever the nature of your injury, the qualified, friendly lawyers at Bell Lax are on hand to discuss your accident and can let you know within minutes whether you have a viable claim. If you do, they’ll start the process immediately so you can concentrate on your recovery. So call us a call today; set your concerns aside, and put your claim in our safe hands.

Work Equipment: Employers’ Obligations

Industrial, mechanical or electrical equipment in the workplace must be suitable for purpose. A detailed risk assessment must be conducted to ascertain whether accidents could happen. This is especially important when equipment is being used under difficult or confined conditions.

Those in charge of a workplace must make sure that all work equipment is maintained in good repair and working order. If the equipment is prone to wear and tear, then it should be regularly inspected. Employers must deliver adequate training in its use and protective clothing or equipment should be provided where necessary. Employees must be fully informed of any risks involved in using, maintaining or cleaning the equipment.  If a piece of equipment is faulty and potentially dangerous it must be immediately removed from service.

Your Faulty Equipment Claim: Putting You First

At Bell Lax, your faulty equipment claim will always be handled by a qualified lawyer; one who will fight tenaciously to make sure you are awarded a fair financial settlement for your injuries, pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses. We truly understand how an injury can affect your life, and the impact it can have on your family too, which is why everything we do is focused on taking the burden off your shoulders.

If you have suffered a defective work equipment injury then your case could be quite simple as your employers might admit they were at fault.  If they deny that there was faulty work equipment then if appropriate we will arrange to visit your place of work with a qualified engineer so that we can prepare strong evidence in support of your case.

Call Today for an Immediate Decision on Your Case

Even if you are not sure whether your employer is responsible for your faulty equipment accident, you should still call us. We’ll soon be able to let you know whether you have a viable claim and if you do, we’ll get started on preparing your case immediately so that no time is lost in getting you the compensation you deserve.


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