• Bell Lax pioneered no win no fee arrangements for commercial disputes. If you lose, we lose, therefore we always fight for you.

  • Bell Lax pioneered no win no fee arrangements for commercial disputes. If you lose, we lose, therefore we always fight for you.


Professional Negligence

Many people and businesses heavily rely on professionals to assist and advise them. When you enlist the help of professionals, you expect a professional service. This is particularly the case when you entrust that professional to deal with a specialist matter. Unfortunately, the professional sometimes negligently or accidentally does not match that standard of service and you are the one that loses money.

If you paid a professional to assist you and consequently suffered a financial loss because of that professional’s negligence, you may have a claim for compensation for negligence.

The types of 'no win, no fee' professional negligence claims we are most commonly asked to take on are:

  • Claims arising from the conduct of solicitors or barristers in negligent litigation - including unsuccessful commercial litigation, undervalued personal injury claims and divorces where solicitors allowed one spouse to sell the marital assets.  We also act for clients when the solicitor is negligent on buying or selling their house.
  • Claims against solicitors and accountants arising from commercial acquisitions, business valuations, share and asset purchases and due diligence.
  • Mis-selling of financial products such as pensions, share portfolios, endowments and with profits policies.
  • Claims against architects, often jointly with builders.
  • Claims against surveyors and solicitors for failing to properly value or identify defects with properties being purchased.  These defects often include issues with subsidence and foundation problems, damp, cracks in the building and water damage due to roof defects.

In all cases, we first explore ways to resolve the claim out of court. However, where matters do escalate we deliver focused support, practical guidance and effective representation, drawing on our specialist knowledge and resources for the best results.

We handle many professional negligence claims on a 'no win, no fee' basis, which means we take the risk on your behalf.  We also offer discounted CFA agreements which means we "share" the risk of litigation with you.  We also act on a private paying basis.  We will advise you on the best funding for you to maximise your damages. 

Director Richard Kerry has substantial experience in claims for Professional Negligence.  Please contact us on our call back form to see how we can help you, or call us on 0121 355 0011.

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