Zip Line Accident Claims

Over the last few decades zip lining and other associated adventure activities have grown in popularity in the U.K.  These activities can be thrilling and get people outdoors which is a great thing.  Unfortunately, the rise in participation in these activities has also seen a rise in injuries and fatalities from them.

The majority of operators ensure that health and safety is paramount but, as indicated by the number of accidents, unfortunately there are some who do not.  There are risks associated with all adventure pursuits but particularly in the case of zip lining and other activities taking place at a height, when things go wrong, the consequences can be devastating. 

At Bell Lax we are able to provide expert advice and assistance when this happens.  We have experience of dealing with claims for those sustaining life-changing injuries, fatal accident claims as well as soft tissue injuries and fractures.

Whilst safety measures are normally in place, sometimes these are not followed by staff or equipment can be faulty.  Accidents have also occurred where the ground for the landing site is not appropriate which can cause ankle and other leg injuries. 

We guide our clients through the process of recovering compensation for their injuries and assist them with their recovery.  A qualified injury lawyer will deal with your claim throughout.

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