Holiday Claims

Holiday Accidents & Illnesses Abroad

Holidays and trips abroad are usually very happy occasions but sometimes things do go wrong. At Bell Lax, we are able to provide expert advice and assistance when this happens.

This can be a very complex area of law and so it is vital that you receive guidance from our specialist qualified lawyers.

We can help you to recover compensation for your injuries and losses arising from accidents including:

  • Accidents on the road abroad
  • Accidents in the air or while travelling by sea including cruise ships
  • Illnesses contracted by you
  • Accidents on trips or excursions
  • Accidents in hotels
  • Accidents whilst undertaking recreational activities including water sports and skiing

Your ability to claim and how you claim can depend on whether you have booked a package holiday or whether your holiday is self-booked and whether the accident occurred within or outside the European Union.  There are also specific rules applying where your accident has taken place during a flight or when travelling to your holiday destination by sea.

At Bell Lax, we are able to guide you through this and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and assistance with your recovery.  A qualified injury lawyer will deal with your claim throughout.

We also assist many clients who have suffered an accident or illness whilst on holiday in this country.  These include:

  • Accidents in holiday parks, caravans, hotels, camping area's
  • Themed resorts and water parks.

Injury are usually caused by inadequate protection against slipping or tripping hazards.

Call Bell Lax today on 0121 355 0011 and speak directly to one of our team of specialist qualified lawyers if you think we may be able to help you.