Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of claims do you specialise in?

We specialise in commercial and civil dispute resolution, family disputes, personal injury claims and Medical Negligence cases. We are recommended in both Chambers and the Legal 500, the major legal guides, as a leading firm.  We offer No Win No Fee Litigation advice, and of course all our Injury Claim and Medical Negligence work is offered on a No Win No Fee basis, we fight hard for our clients for the best results.

We also offer certain fixed fee services including advice on compromise agreements, repossession of rental properties from tenants and complaints to the Financial Ombudsman. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

What type of work do you not take on?

We do not provide legal services in niche areas such as immigration, education and claims against the police. We do not write wills or offer conveyancing services either.  

What is legal expenses insurance and do I have it?

Legal expenses insurance is sometimes included in business cover, attached to a household buildings or contents policy or provided as a benefit with some bank accounts or credit cards. If you have insurance, you should notify your insurers immediately and ask if they will pay for us to give the advice you are seeking.

Unless you have existing legal expenses insurance and your provider has confirmed that they will pay for our service, then you would need to pay for us to advise you on your legal position. We will only be able to start work under an insured claim when we receive written authority from your insurers; therefore it is essential that you obtain this authority as soon as possible.

Will the value of claim make it worthwhile financially for me to instruct a firm of solicitors?

If the claim is worth more than £10,000 then you certainly may wish to consider the specialist legal representation which we offer and we therefore recommend that you contact our office. 

Where the amount in dispute is less than £10,000 the court system is geared towards Claimants and Defendants running their own cases and the ‘small claims track’ has been designed to cater for this.

Parties are not able to recover their legal costs in matters which the courts allocate to the ‘small claims track’. The court rules do not provide for successful parties to recover their costs in the small claims court. Therefore, the legal fees can be greater than the amount in dispute.

For this reason it is generally uneconomic to instruct any solicitor to run a case through the whole legal procedure when it is allocated to the ‘small claims track’. However it can be helpful for us to advise you in relation to specific elements or prepare certain documents for you in such a case. You may wish to instruct us to carry out certain stages of the legal process in pursuing or defending a small claim. For example, if you would like us to write a ‘Letter of Claim’ or ‘Defence’ on your behalf, you should contact our office for a fixed fee.

Please note, if you have legal expenses insurance (see above) and your insurers agree to cover your legal costs, we may we may well be able to assist you regardless of the value of your claim.

If you would like to pursue the claim through the small claims court yourself and would like to find out more information about how to do this, this website has a great deal of information on the subject. 

When bringing a civil claim, you must comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. You may prejudice your claim if you fail to comply with these rules.

Can you give me advice without you taking my case on?

Unless we are under a retainer (i.e. the contract formed between a solicitor and client) we are not able to provide you with legal advice.

The Citizens Advice Bureau and the Free Advice Unit are charities which may be able to give you free advice where it is uneconomic for us to act on your behalf, or you do not choose to have legal representation.