Head Injury Claims

Head injuries can arise from a variety of different accidents which can include:-

  •  Accidents at Work 
  •  Construction accidents, including falls from height from poorly constructed scaffolding
  •  Road Accidents, including those involving cars, motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians 
  •  Tripping or slipping resulting in head trauma

Sometimes head injuries can be life-changing.  If you think you may have suffered a serious brain or head injury please see our further information about such injuries here:

Occasionally, the effects of a head injury are not immediately obvious and symptoms can develop over time which indicate that the injury may be more serious than first thought.

For example you may begin to experience:

  •  Problems with your vision, including blindness, blurred vision or partial loss of sight 
  •  Persistent headaches
  •  Memory loss
  •  Family members and friends may notice that a change in your personality, including aggression, depression and extreme   mood swings

At Bell Lax, we not only fight to secure you compensation but we also seek funding for appropriate treatment and rehabilitation at an early stage.  You and your family need expert legal advice to help guide you with all matters arising from your head injury.

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