• We focus on our client’s needs, offering sensible, pragmatic and cost effective advice which works for the long term future of all concerned.


Family Law Solicitors

Our Family Law Experts listen to our clients, and put their needs first.  We consider taking a conciliatory approach to the Law ensures that issues can be resolved smoothly and more cost effectively.   We advise on a number of family law issues, including:=

  • Divorce
  • Complex financial matters including the shared home, holiday homes and investment properties.
  • Pension pot division
  • Living together & co-habitation disputes and agreements.
  • Civil partnerships
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Children matters including shared access and ongoing financial arrangements.

Divorce and separation has many complex and unforeseen consequences for couples and any children. We will help you to resolve matters in a constructive and sensitive way and provide creative, sound and progressive advice. As lawyers used to solving matters of all different kinds we will initiate settlement, when necessary stand firm and negotiate with others on your behalf.

Our expertise ensures we can handle complex commercial and business issues – including those involving family companies - whether your own business or that of your partner.

Call us and speak to our head of department Jennifer Brook, on 0121 3550011 For expert legal advice.

With the joint base of our Commercial Dispute Resolution and Relationship Departments you will receive productive, quality advice to protect all of your interests.

If you have not discovered already, you will soon find that funding relationship advice is often difficult during such an arduous time. As a practice our work to date has been funded on many varied and novel bases. Accordingly, we are able to offer flexible and often bespoke arrangements on funding in most cases.

These disputes can be demanding and the emotional impact can leave you in a nutshell, drained; the legal aspects may seem daunting and confusing but, with our experience, we will help you to resolve the dispute and move on with your life.

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