• Bell Lax pioneered no win no fee arrangements for commercial disputes. If you lose, we lose, therefore we always fight for you.

  • Bell Lax pioneered no win no fee arrangements for commercial disputes. If you lose, we lose, therefore we always fight for you.

Medical Negligence - No Win No Fee Claims for Compensation

Medical Negligence - No Win No Fee Claims for Compensation

Call 0121 355 0011 for a free no obligation discussion about your claim, we offer no win no fee agreements to all our clients who are victims of medical negligence.

We have successfully concluded Medical Negligence cases and recovered compensation for our clients on a number of different types of claims for negligence.  The most common claims are against:-

If you or a relative have been the victim of poor medical care, Bell Lax has experts who can help provide you with the specialist help you need to hold those responsible to account, and bring a claim for medical negligence compensation.

When we are ill, we put our trust in medical professionals to help us get well and in the majority of cases, the system  works as it should and we’ll receive the proper care to which we are entitled. Sometimes the outcome of treatment is not what you or your treating Doctor hoped for.  This isn't necessarily negligent as most procedures have an element of risk. 

Common Areas of Medical or Clinical Negligence Include:

  • Surgeons: Errors made during a surgical procedure leaving patients with life threatening infections, or even surgical equipment left behind.  This can lead to pressure sores which are extremely painful and can result in devastating loss of skin, muscle and may also lead to amputation. 
  • Claims for Medical Misdiagnosis or Late Diagnosis of a disease or illness,  These sadly include Cancer suffers or people or suffer with Cauda Equina syndrome.
  • A&E: Errors made on admission are common, however, regardless of how busy the medical staff are they still have a duty of care to each patient individually admitted.  Being too busy is no excuse for leaving anyone unattended or rushing through a diagnoses.
  • Paramedic & Ambulance Staff: These are medical staff highly trained to deal with urgent medical emergencies, mistakes are made usually though incorrect treatment.
  • Consultants & Doctors: Failure to diagnose an illness or a disease early on which could have prevented pain, long term suffering or even premature death.  Other problems arise when Incorrect medication is given either because the medical expert did not check your medical notes correctly, or a mistake was made and the wrong medication is prescribed. 
  • Nurses & Care workers: Poor care  to you or your loved ones can lead to painful wounds such as bed sores, whilst in hospital, hospice or a care facility.  Lack of attention to their patients can cause slips and trips leading to nasty injuries and long term pain.
  • Dental negligence: We all understand how bad tooth, gum and mouth problems are, but what happens when the dentist increases the pain leaving you vulnerable to infections including painful abscesses,  tooth loss and extreme pain?

If the Medical System has Failed you, Contact Bell Lax for Expert Level Advice on 0121 355 0011

But sadly, the system can sometimes fail us.  Sometimes medical professionals make mistakes and when they do, the consequences can be extremely serious, or even fatal. For those affected by medical negligence, there is course for redress, and Bell Lax are the experts to turn to for guidance at a time when sympathetic support is as important as good advice. 

For those who have suffered because of a medical or clinical error, failure of care or misdiagnosis, a medical negligence claim can help by providing financial assistance for care; rehabilitation; expenses; lost earnings and loss of amenity.  All of these will be fully considered when determining the amount of any compensation.

The importance of high level specialist legal representation in medical negligence claims cannot be stressed enough. Cases against health authorities, hospital trusts, private clinics and medical insurers need a tenacious approach but it must also be a methodical approach and one that never loses sight of the important fact that you have endured a traumatic experience, for which you need to be adequately compensated.

You may have experienced sub-standard treatment when admitted to accident and emergency; there may have been a mistake when being administered anaesthetic or drugs; you may have been misdiagnosed leading to inappropriate treatment or delayed treatment; there could have been an accident during surgery or a problem during child birth. A failure to warn of the risks of treatment or surgery, delayed referral to specialists; all of these can be negligent and lead to successful claims for compensation.

One client recently send us a feedback form with the following comments:-

"Professional service.  I would recommend that others consider Medical Negligence claims otherwise nothing will change".

This is a sad truth, as many people suffer in silence with their pain and suffering,


Bell Lax: Helping you Claim Compensation for Medical Negligence

The dedicated medical negligence lawyers at Bell Lax work closely with medical experts to ensure the strongest case is presented. Our aim is to ensure you receive fair compensation for your suffering and your losses. Whatever the circumstances, however serious the consequences, for a free assessment of your case speak to us in confidence today. Once you’ve explained the circumstances and we’ve asked you a few questions, we’ll be able to advise you of  your the options.  If we can, we’ll act without delay to start proceedings. And you need not worry about being burdened with extensive paperwork, because at Bell Lax, we take care of everything for you.


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