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Divorce Boom due to Lockdown Strain

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The number of couples getting divorced in England and Wales has surged by almost a fifth in 2019 to the highest level, the latest statistics reveal.

The figures seem likely to increase again in 2021, with the Coronavirus Pandemic creating an enormous strain on relationships. One only has to imagine what couples who are self-isolating together are going through especially if their relationship has been on the rocks for some time.

For most, deciding to divorce or separate is not an easy decision especially in the midst of a global Pandemic. However, it does not have to be a painful and difficult process particularly if advice is sought at an early stage.

With divorce applications now being processed online and the anticipated introduction of the ‘no-fault divorce’ in 2021, the divorce process should become less stressful. The new legislation seeks to make the legal process less painful for couples.

For anyone who finds themselves in this situation and who is contemplating a divorce or separation, it is important to seek advice from a specialist Family Solicitor as soon as possible to know your rights.

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