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Pre Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements

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I often introduce Bell Lax Solicitors as firm which specialises in any kind of civil or commercial dispute which could end up in court.

However, one area of work which we specialise in, but is hopefully not the result of a dispute, is the preparation of and advice upon pre and post nuptial agreements.

While such agreements are not very romantic, they can ensure that assets, such as a business or inheritance, are secured for the future. 

Prenuptial agreements (pre-marriage) and postnuptial agreements (after marriage) give you this peace of mind. They can cover all or just certain parts of your assets.

The benefits of such an agreement include:

  • To avoid arguments over finances if divorce happens
  • To protect inherited money or assets that you want to stay within your family
  • To preserve assets for any children from a previous relationship
  • To ensure you retain control of a business
  • To reduce legal costs if you do get divorced

Pre and post nuptial agreements clearly set out which assets belong to you, and which belong to your partner. 

The courts are increasingly placing far more reliance on pre-nuptial agreements in divorce cases, if certain conditions are met.

Both parties need to take independent legal advice on the contents of the agreement, preferably at least 28 days before the wedding.

The court will also need to be satisfied that the agreement been entered into freely, that both sides fully understand the financial implications and it is it fair to hold the parties to the agreement.

Bell Lax can draft or advise upon pre and post nuptial agreements and if you would like to discuss whether one would be suitable for you, please call Arzu Lone on 0121 355 0011.