Fixed Fee Divorces

Fixed Fees for an Un-Defended Divorce

Petitioner – person who issues the divorce

Our fixed fee for petitioners is £700 plus VAT. There is also a Court fee, which is currently £550, making a total of £1,390.

This covers your legal fees for your divorce from our first meeting through to the Decree Absolute (provided the matter remains undefended and does not involve a disputes over costs with your former spouse).

We can offer an instalment plan to help you pay your legal fees in three stages:

£450 – when you instruct us

£550 – Court fee required to issue your Divorce Petition – usually 1 month later.

£390 – on the Decree Nisi – usually a further 2-3 months later

For more complex matters we will discuss a more suitable payment plan.


For Respondents we charge £550 plus VAT, which makes a total of £660, for an undefended divorce.