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Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

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This week saw a tragic news report about the death of a mother of two from uterine leiomyosarcoma.  She had reported symptoms of extreme pain and heavy prolonged periods to her GP for approximately 5 years prior to the cancer diagnosis.

Receiving a diagnosis for any condition can be extremely distressing.  However, receiving a diagnosis and later being informed the diagnosis is incorrect can be devastating, particularly if the new diagnosis is worse than the first.

Whilst sometimes the mistake arises because the symptoms displayed are not typical, a delay in diagnosis can also occur due to insufficient investigations by healthcare professionals and the failure to make appropriate referrals and follow up abnormal results.

At Bell Lax, we have expert lawyers with a wealth of experience in assisting clients and their families who have suffered due to the misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of cancer. 

We know that sometimes a delay in diagnosis can have devastating consequences including reducing life expectancy.

Over the years, our team of expert solicitors have been involved in numerous cases including acting for clients who have suffered:

  • A delay in diagnosis of bowel cancer leading to the cancer metastasising to the bladder.
  • A delay in diagnosis of a brain tumour leading to seizures wrongly stated by the hospital as to be stress related.
  • A delay in diagnosis of oesophageal cancer, development of volvulus post-operatively and delay in diagnosis of the volvulus leading to our client’s death.
  • A delay in diagnosis of breast cancer causing it to metastasise and become terminal.

We are passionate about achieving the best possible results for our clients and of our ability to provide our clients and their families with empathy, support and to be easily contactable at all times.

When facing an uncertain future, it is vitally important that you have the right people in your corner, making the process of pursuing compensation as stress free as possible.

If you think that we may be able to help you or a friend or family member, please do not hesitate to call us today on 0121 355 0011.  Where appropriate, we will act for you on a no win no fee basis and at all stages, we will seek to ensure that you are not exposed to having to pay anything to anybody.