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Bell Lax team sleeps rough to raise money for YMCA

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Two members of our team here at Bell Lax, George Gwynn and Jack Brotherton have raised almost £300 for the YMCA sleeping out on the streets of Sutton Coldfield for a night.

Approximately 100 people gathered together in the centre of Sutton Coldfield on Friday 29th March 2019 to raise awareness of the current homelessness crisis and to raise support for the work the YMCA carry out. The money raised will go towards the work the YMCA carry out assisting young people who find themselves on the streets.

George says that it was a sobering experience, and a stark reminder of how lucky he is to have a roof over his head and a bed to sleep in. Whilst promoting the cause, George was also struck by how many people believe the popular myth that many of the young people who find themselves on the streets have only themselves – and possibly their addictions - to blame. On the contrary, many of the young people the YMCA work with have been kicked out of their homes during a formative stage in their lives, often because of family breakdown. This family breakdown might be due to a divorce or a deterioration in one or both parents’ physical or mental health. After couch surfing with mates for many weeks, such young people’s options become increasingly limited, until their only choice is the streets.  

Bell Lax are keen to encourage their staff to engage in community projects and to support local charities and are grateful to all who supported George and Jack in this challenge.

George and Jack Sleeping Outside: