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Acquired Brain Injury Awareness Week 2023

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Each year, charity group, Headway, run various campaigns to raise awareness of acquired brain injuries, and the impact such injuries can have on sufferers and their loved ones.

According to Headway, hospital admissions in England due to brain injuries have increased by 12% since 2005.

During 2019 – 2020, there were approximately 977 patients admitted into hospital daily due to a brain injury. This equates to approximately one admission every 90 seconds.

What is an acquired brain injury?

An acquired brain injury is an injury sustained to the brain due to any cause that occurs after a person’s birth, and is not related to a congenital or a degenerative disease.

What are some of the causes?

Some causes include physical trauma to the head, cardiac arrests, strokes, infections causing encephalitis, meningitis and sepsis, and brain aneurysms.

What is the impact?

A brain injury is extremely serious and can have lasting debilitating symptoms such as paralysis or weakness, spasticity, balance difficulties, problems with memory and increased fatigue. Not all damage is immediately noticeable, and symptoms can develop and worsen over time.  The impact of a brain injury varies depending on the severity of the injury sustained. The impact can range from mild damage to catastrophic and life changing disabilities.

Depending on the injury, damage to certain parts of the brain i.e. the prefrontal cortex, can cause personality changes and difficulties with management of emotions as well as anxiety and depression.

Examples of types of potential medical failures that may give rise to a medical negligence claim:

  • Failures in the management of infections which lead to brain injuries.
  • Hospital errors in the diagnosis, management and treatment of brain injuries
  • Delay in diagnosis and/or treatment of a stroke.
  • Surgical errors resulting in the brain not receiving sufficient oxygen.
  • Failures or delays in treatment of brain bleeds such as aneurysms, subarachnoid haemorrhages, and subdural haematomas.

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