Pedestrian Injuries

We have assisted victims on claims where:-

  • Vehicles who failed to stop at a Zebra crossing, Pedestrian Crossing, and Traffic Lights
  • Hit and Run drivers
  • Careless Drivers who did not pay due care and attention to the road
  • Dangerous Drivers 

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We are sorry to hear that you have been involved in an accident.  Our job is to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.  As an injured pedestrian you may be entitled to claim for your injuries, even if the driver seems untraceable or committed a hit and run. 

You may have been struck by a vehicle that failed to stop; or perhaps the car that caused your injuries collided with another vehicle which left the scene; or the registration plate or address details you took down turned out to be untraceable. Whatever the circumstances, and however complex the situation may appear to you, in most untraced driver accidents Bell Lax will be able to find a solution as long as you were not at fault for the accident.

At Bell Lax, our road traffic accident lawyers are dedicated to making sure injured hit and run victims receive the compensation they deserve and need to help them make a proper recovery. Injuries can often be debilitating and many victims need help from friends or family with everyday tasks; some will need a higher level of care, perhaps for life. In these cases it is important that nobody involved ends up out of pocket, and that financial assistance is available for the best care and treatment possible for as long as is needed.

When you call us, we’ll put you straight through to a qualified lawyer who specialises and has expertise in accident claims. They will let you know as soon as possible whether you have a viable claim. If you do, they’ll get things moving for you straight away.

We can offer you a “no win, no fee” agreement which means if we are unsuccessful you will not have to pay a penny.  “No win, no fee” – no worries.


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