Injured as a Pillion Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident? Your Right to Claim Starts Here

Pillion passengers have no control over the bike and will therefore almost certainly be able to bring a successful claim against the car driver involved or the driver of the bike. You should have been given an appropriate helmet to wear; the driver should have made sure your feet could reach the footrests and that the pillion seat was secure and fit for purpose and a means of communicating whilst in transit should have been agreed. If the driver has failed you in any of these respects and has caused injury then you can make a claim for compensation against him and his insurance company will pay any successful claim.

Pillion passenger compensation claims are therefore often more straightforward than other motorcycle accident claims. At Bell Lax, we have specialist lawyers with particular expertise in achieving fair settlements for injured pillion passengers, and we’ve successfully recovered compensation for hundreds of accident victims over the years, helping them recover quickly from their injuries, covering their financial losses and allowing them to afford any long term treatment or care they needed as a result of their injuries.

You can find out whether you have a valid pillion passenger claim by speaking to one of our expert lawyers. We’ll be able to tell you within minutes whether we can take on your case. Although compensation is usually awarded to a passenger the injuries suffered can be very severe so it’s important you have the highest level of legal representation, as proving a pillion passenger accident case can sometimes be difficult. Bell Lax has the experts you need to achieve a settlement that’s right for you and your family.

Bell Lax: Helping you Claim the Compensation you Deserve After a Pillion Passenger Accident

If your pillion passenger accident was caused by the driver of the motorcycle, or was the fault of another road user or pedestrian, or happened because a road was in bad repair, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

You can find out whether you have a valid pillion passenger accident claim by calling us today. A qualified lawyer will take your call and will tell you within minutes whether you have a strong claim and will get your case moving for you straight away.


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