Suzanne Holder
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Suzanne Holder

Finance Director

Suzanne has been with Bell Lax since its inception in 1995 and has been instrumental in the firm’s growth and success, providing management and accounts support.

Suzanne is Head of Finance, HR, Accounts, and Business Development. With help from her team she looks after the firm on a daily basis, which includes IT, Equipment & Suppliers.

She enjoys working on complex financial reconciliation's and is often found surrounded by the paperwork she loves!

Outside work Suzanne is dedicated to her family and charity projects including the conservation of critically endangered species, and looking after Britain's wildlife. She currently has two wild mallards that have recently moved into a spacious pond in her garden, and who have adjusted the garden to suit their own needs! She is often woken up by the tapping on the door when they want their breakfast.

She supports Cancer Charities, having suffered several losses in her family, and supports St Giles, having seen the dedication they have shown, in particular when she lost a close member of her family.

She enjoys watching historical documentaries, reading books on the lives of the Royals during 1400 - 1800's. In particular the French, Spanish and Russian Courts.