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Short Marriage, Big Payout?

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Should a wife share in her husband’s millions after a 5 month marriage?

The High Court has recently heard evidence from a wife, who was married to her very wealthy husband for only 5 months. She is seeking a share of his millions, whereas he is opposing her application, stating the length of the marriage means that the wife should have little or no entitlement.

The wife must be expecting to receive a significant pay out, as her current legal fees are said to exceed £230,000.

The matter came before the High Court on a technical point and the lead Judge, Mr Justice Barker, urged the parties to reach an amicable settlement, telling them the case was “very expensive” and added: “the more money you spend on legal proceedings, the less money there will be to share between you at the end of the day.”

At Bell Lax we seek to achieve a financially fair resolution in every divorce. However, we always urge clients to consider not just the money which a protracted dispute wastes, but also the time that is lost and the stress caused to all involved, especially any children.