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NHS Funding for Palliative Care Being Withdrawn

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This week the BBC reported that more than 13,000 patients a year are having NHS funding for their palliative care withdrawn after living longer than expected.

In addition, other patients were having their continuing healthcare support replaced with more limited NHS funded nursing care.

Eligibility for funding for the cost of nursing home support where the patient’s needs are judged to be “end of life” are dealt with by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). 

Patients and their families have reported reviews for continuing eligibility as being “traumatic”. 

In one case, a patient’s support was withdrawn and it became necessary for her to be moved to a new nursing home financed by her family.

Shortly after being admitted to the new nursing home, the patient was involved in a fall, sustaining injuries to her wrist and face.

After subsequently appealing against the CCG’s decision, her support was reinstated.

At Bell Lax, we recognise the need for continuity of care for all patients requiring the same and in particular those with palliative needs.

Sadly, over the years we have represented many individuals or their families in circumstances where a change in provision has led to falls or an increased number of falls.  Sometimes this can be due to inadequate cover within such facilities or a failure in properly assessing the needs of the individual concerned and their risk of falls. 

Often, given the nature of the poor health condition that such patients are in, the injuries which are sustained in such falls are very serious and sometimes can lead to premature death.  Whilst acknowledging the challenges that the NHS face, particularly with funding, patient safety must always be the priority and unfortunately based on this recent report from the BBC and our experience this is not always the case.

The medical negligence team at Bell Lax Solicitors have helped and continue to help many people who have sustained serious injuries in nursing homes.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this or any negligence which you or a loved one have experienced in medical establishments including care homes please call us on 0121 355 0011 to speak to one of our dedicated solicitors.