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Negligent and Unnecessary Surgery

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Last month, breast surgeon Ian Paterson was found guilty of 17 counts of wounding with intent after being accused of carrying out a series of unnecessary operations.

Any surgery carries risks and so to have undergone the same when it was not required and to have been left scarred and disfigured must be incredibly harrowing for Mr Paterson’s victims.

Thankfully, it is very rare for medical professionals to carry out unnecessary treatment and in particular, invasive surgery.  Sometimes, however, the wrong decision is made and the mistake amounts to clinical negligence.

At Bell Lax, we find that clients who come to us complaining of negligence arising from surgery want straightforward and concise advice on whether they might be able to bring a claim to compensate them for what they have been through.  They also want somebody who cares and who they can trust after their world has been turned upside down.

Having been let down by a medical professional, instructing a solicitor who is not a specialist in such advice can lead to being let down yet again.  We are able to offer a first class professional service and obtain fair and just compensation for anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation.

If you think we may be able to help you, call us today on 0121 355 0011 and speak to Stuart Andrews or Natalie Bradshaw.