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Medical Care At Walsall Manor Hospital Deemed Inadequate

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Walsall Manor Hospital has been told to make 'significant improvements' to its medical services within three months following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission in March 2021.

An inspection was carried out due to concerns regarding the safety and quality of services specifically within the medical wards at the hospital. During the inspection, concerns were highlighted regarding staffing levels, patient discharges and governance. Additionally, critical care, surgery, emergency services and maternity care were rated as 'requires improvement'.

In the Care Quality Commission’s report, which can be read online, the following has been reported: 

"The service did not have enough staff to care for patients and keep them safe. “

"There were no robust arrangements in place to provide assurance of safe and effective patient discharges. This meant patients were not always discharged safely with appropriate care and treatment.”

"Staff had not been trained in the use of Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment Forms which resulted in patients not receiving individualised plans of care for their end-of-life care.”

"The service did not always control infection risk well. Staff did not always implement control measures to protect patients, themselves and others from infection.”

The report also highlighted that staff did not always know how to identify adults and children at risk of, or suffering, significant harm and therefore did not always alert other agencies to risks. Despite receiving training around safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, staff were not always able to put the theory into practice.

The Care Quality Commission’s Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Fiona Allinson, said “staff could not tell us about any recent learning that had been cascaded down to them.” She also raised concerns over staffing and found it evident that under-staffing was causing a deterioration in the quality of care.

As a result of the inspection, the overall rating of medical services at Walsall Manor Hospital was rated as ‘requires improvement’. Therefore, the Trust has been given three months to make significant improvements.

Professor Loughton, Chief Executive at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust said “We are developing an action plan to address the recommended areas of improvement identified in the report that will be driven by our staff. We will listen to them and work with them to deliver the improvements that they, our patients and our families deserve.”.

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