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As we approach the end of what has been a truly eventful year, most of us are hoping the Government will relax lockdown rules so we can spend Christmas with family and friends. 

Time with loved ones has never felt so important, but for separated parents and children alike, the festive season can be marred by bitter disputes over contact and how a child’s time should be divided over the holiday period. What should be a happy and child focused time often becomes stressful and upsetting for all involved, especially the child.

COVID, Child Arrangements and Christmas 

When Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown back in March 2020, one of the things we noticed at Bell Lax was a sharp increase in enquiries from separated parents who were struggling to agree how to manage the impact of the pandemic on the existing child arrangements. 

This increase in enquiry levels continues as lockdown rules have become more complicated and there have been increased periods of self-isolation as children returned to school.  

As we approach Christmas, we are seeing a flurry of clients getting in touch for help to try and resolve arrangements for the festive season. This happens every year, but this year, with the impact of Covid and parents often having different ideas around what degree of mingling with other households is likely to be acceptable, the number of concerned parents making enquiries is higher than ever. 

The Government has been clear that none of the restrictions prevent children from moving between separated parents, provided they are not self-isolating. 

It seems unlikely that this will change, and CAFCASS (the government body that advises the court on children disputes) has stressed the need for children to maintain their usual routine.

When children are caught in the middle of a divorce or separation, you need prudent advisers who can quickly assess your options, provide workable solutions and arm you with the tools you need to secure the best outcome.

Our child-centric approach never loses sight of the long-term interests of you and your children.

Why choose Bell Lax?

We pride ourselves on our personal touch, approaching child arrangements with consideration and sensitivity to achieve a suitable outcome for all parties.

We help parents to discuss and agree arrangements on important matters that concern your children, including where they will live, how much time they will spend with each parent and other issues related to their schooling, health or religious upbringing. We help everyone involved to reach prompt solutions and settle into a new routine.

Where possible, we resolve child arrangement disputes quickly and amicably to protect your ongoing role as parents. Securing mutual agreement can be the most effective way of preserving strained relationships, while keeping the best interests of your children at the heart of decision making.

When court litigation is unavoidable, we use our exemplary experience in children law to give you robust representation and advocacy throughout the case.

We know that arrangements involving you and your children require a compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach. From the hundreds of families, we have helped to reach child agreements, there is very little we have not seen and already dealt with.

If you are experiencing difficulties agreeing child arrangements as a result of family breakdown, then Bell Lax offer a free 30-minute appointment during which we can provide practical advice to assist. We will devote the time to understand your priorities and we will defend your corner helping you on achieving your goals. Contact us today on 0121 355 0011 for a free confidential consultation.