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Good Divorce Week 2021

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Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021: Parenting through Separation

Each year Resolution, a group of family justice professionals from around the country, campaigns to MPs and the public about an issue which is close to its heart. The issue relates to divorce and is promoted during their ‘Good Divorce Week’ running from 29 November to 3 December 2021. This year’s issue is “Parenting through Separation” and how to embrace a child-focused approach.

Resolution’s Parenting After Parting Committee (PAPC) have produced an insightful guide how to achieve this, including guidance, tips and resources relating to the topic. The PAPC develops Resolution’s non-confrontational approach to family law by providing tools, support and resources to family practitioners, such as this free guide.

The guide offers advice relating to different stages of the divorce process and how to help your children adjust well. It also includes useful information regarding how children of different ages can be affected by their parent’s separation or how they may react.

The main focus of the guide is on communication with your children and your co-parent. It includes tips and advice for telling your children about the separation, such as how much you should tell them and when. Other advice includes the importance of giving your child a voice and making sure they feel heard and listened to throughout the separation process. The guide suggests different methods to communicate with your co-parent, depending on your relationship and offers a description of tools/services available should they be needed in case of a communication breakdown.

Other advice in the guide includes the importance for the child of maintaining a relationship with extended family and how they deal with life events, such as a new partner coming onto the scene. Your legal position regarding parental responsibility is also explained, alongside an introduction to the Welfare Checklist.

If these words are unfamiliar to you, do not fear! The guide includes a ‘Jargon Buster’ which explains the legal terminology used. Finally, the guide includes advice about domestic abuse; explaining the different types, how to recognise the signs and the help available.

The guide is available from and Jennifer Brook or Sanne van Vroenhoven at Bell Lax Solicitors from Monday 29 November 2021.

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