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Court Judgments Now Freely Available

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On 19 April 2022, the Ministry of Justice, (MoJ) announced that decisions from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court will be made freely available on ‘The National Archives Find Case Law’ site which can be accessed at:

The MoJ has stated that this free online service will be “easy for anyone to use from lawyers to members of the public”. A total of 50,461 judgments have already been uploaded to the Find Case Law site.

Case Law

Case law is the law created through court judgments and tribunal decisions, commonly referred to as ‘common law’. Judges will follow ‘precedent’ or principles used in previous judgments when deciding on a case. Case law is important as it often assists judges and lawyers to clarify legislation (which is the law written by Parliament).

How will Find Case Law assist our clients?

If the Find Case Law service continues to expand and include more decisions from lower courts, this could avoid the problem of clients spending thousands of pounds in obtaining a judgment against a defendant who has multiple other judgments against them and is therefore unlikely to have the money and/or assets against which to enforce a judgment.

Find Case Law could therefore have the potential to enable claimants to carefully consider whether a defendant is worth pursuing, before they spend significant, potentially wasted legal fees.

Please note that the Find Case Law is not designed to provide legal advice. If you have a dispute, please contact us on 0121 355 0011 to speak to one of our lawyers who will be happy to assist.