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Child Arrangement Orders and Agreed Contact Schedules

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Here at Bell Lax, we understand that the current measures that have been imposed by the government, have left many parents unsure where they stand with their current Child Arrangements Order and Agreed Contact Schedules.

Michale Gove has today clarified that children under the age of 18 can still travel from one parent to the other and have contact with both parents, but to reduce the number of handovers, where possible.

This may mean that both parents may need to work together to ensure that the government guidelines are met, but that their children still have good contact with both parents. 

To ensure government guidelines are met, both parents may agree that for the time being, that any Child Arrangements Order and Contact Schedules are varied, by agreement, to ensure that the children their extended families and are kept safe. 

In some circumstances, the Child Arrangements Order and Contact Schedules, already have reduced handovers, so they still must be complied with, unless you are following the government’s advice to self isolate or one parent or child in that household are unwell and showing symptoms of Covid-19.

With many contact centre’s closing, the need for both parents to work together to ensure their children still having contact with the other parent, is of paramount importance.

In these uncertain times, Bell Lax are here to advise you on how to continue to implement any Child Arrangements Order and Agreed Contact Schedules, as well advising those parents who are having difficulty arranging contact with their children. 

Please contact Sehra Tabasum, who will be able to go through your matter with you.