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Zahra Zafar

The Birmingham Medico-Legal Society Annual Dinner

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On Friday 10 September, I had the pleasure of attending the Birmingham Medico-Legal Society (‘BMLS’) annual dinner with my colleague, Saira Walji, at the Edgbaston Golf Club. We were grateful to be invited as guests of St Philips Chambers, whom...

Obtaining possession due to nuisance by the tenant

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Due to the extended notice periods required for possession as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many landlords are seeking to evict tenants on alternative grounds, such as nuisance, to enable them to obtain possession of their properties sooner. ...

What should you do if you receive a 'Letter Before Action'?

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The Courts expects parties to a dispute to follow a “pre-action protocol” before court proceedings are commenced. A Letter Before Action (sometimes called a ‘Letter Before Claim’ or ‘Letter of Claim’) is often the...