• The break-up of any relationship can be a stressful and emotional experience. I always adopt an understanding approach to my client’s situation, whilst striving to achieve the best financial and practical solution for them.

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Sandra Hickson

Short Marriages

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In the absence of any children from a marriage, divorcing couples are generally awarded roughly equal shares of the matrimonial assets, subject to their needs. However, the courts have recently ruled in a case where the wife argued that "because this...

The Final Whistle?

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Is divorce the final whistle for Ryan Giggs? In his current divorce proceedings against his estranged wife, Stacey, Ryan Giggs is arguing that, as a successful professional footballer, he made a “special contribution” to their...

Footballer Divorce

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FOOTBALLER DIVORCE The former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs is embroiled in a dispute over money after the breakdown of his marriage to his wife Stacey Giggs. Mr Giggs is claiming that he should have a larger share of the matrimonial...

Short Marriage, Big Payout?

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Should a wife share in her husband’s millions after a 5 month marriage? The High Court has recently heard evidence from a wife, who was married to her very wealthy husband for only 5 months. She is seeking a share of his millions, whereas he is...

Getting Married?

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The date has been set, the venue booked, the wedding dress bought. What about the pre-nup? Of course nobody wants to think about divorce while organising a wedding. However, nobody wants to think about death either and many...